marchio Ing. MARI & C. srl
struttura marchio Ing. MARI & C. srl
Our Simbolo was created by Sergio Bianco and is a square within which there is the anchor-shaped R of registration in relief. The name Mari evokes the boundless ocean, the depth of fluid matter and the sudden change from calm to storm. In this sense, registration represents safety, the point of departure and arrival when embarking on a trading voyage. The square expresses a solid base, reliability and tangibility. The circle of the R is cut off on the upper part: the registration icon thereby acquires a highly distinctive connotation. The R is inclined by 45 degrees so that the final part of the letter becomes the median axis and the central fulcrum of the symbol. This detail gives depth to the whole symbol. The tip of the anchor breaks the roundness of the circle and reveals the initial M of Mari. The first letter is reflected by the symbol, in the dimensions and shape, creating original lettering owned exclusively by the firm. The logo, like the symbol, is a single block. The 4 letters (number of sides of the square) symbolise unity and team spirit. The letter A, which is also inclined on the oblique lines by 45 degrees, has a perfect rising triangle at its centre which coincides with the centre of the logo.